Cleaning For Your Wardrobe

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Let's get the cold weather feeling out of the way and Let the spring shades & sun shine into our lives,
I know i'm SO late with the spring cleaning but I was away and now that I'm back I want to spring clean everything starting with my wardrobe to my diet.
in every season I like to reorganise my wardrobe to make it easier to pick an outfits matches the season and get all of the last season clothes out of the way by storage them and bring this season outfits where i can see them. i really don't like the look of the wardrobe that is full of clothes i always empty my wardrobe as much as i could so it makes it easierto pick an outfit.
Keep in mind that i only hang the clothes that I'm planning to wear this month.
Here is some tips to make it more fun and much easier to spring cleaning your wardrobe.

Have a look at Ikea catalogue or Pinterest 
for inspiration.

As you can see my wardrobe was very very messy I even have got some shopping bags that I haven't empty them yet I'm not sure any more if I should share this picture with you guys.
I would usually empty my wardrobe completely by getting everything out and when i say everything i mean EVERY thing
The cloths and anything else you may have in the wardrobe 
and if you can remove some drowses remove them.

Clean and whip the surface.

Then I organise my clothes into three sections KEEP, STORAGE, CHARITY and i usually use three notes and put them on the wall then go through my clothes, hats and bags and put them under each note that belongs to.
Take three notes and write on them 
and stick the three notes on the wall 
then start looking at your clothes and be honest with your self if you really going to ware that again or not.
And if you think you could ware it ask your self could you see that top in any outfit you could ware if yes put it under the KEEP note if not then put it under CHARITY note. 
Now the KEEP note is for things you're going to ware this season.
The STORAGE note is for clothes you want to ware but not for this season.
The CHARITY note is well to get rid of the clothes that you don't want any more.
You can get rid of your old clothes by charity or
selling them on some apps like depop or you could ask anyone you know if they like any of them, but for me i think the best is to charity.

5# Hanger
Use two to three different kinds of hangers
for the tops, dresses, cots and jackets.

Try different type or colour for each kind of clothes like so..
I have got my summer/spring tops with the t shirt black hangers at the front then my spring dresses in the beige wood hangers and on the end black for out door clothes that I'll still be wearing this season.
Like that it really is easier for me to pick an outfit this way
Tops, dresses, jackets
At the end I have got a slide hangers that comes with the wardrobe that i find it really handy to storage my scarves, and bags on the other side.
under all That I've got slide hangers for the bottoms such as jeans shorts skirts etc
and then a storage slide box.

Storage all the last season cloths that you can't see your self wearing them in this season like cots scarves cloves or anything else.
Use matching boxes to storage.
be smart when you storage your cloths by make an extra space for other things you may need to storage.
Keep some of your gym, yoga or running clothes with them so you can have a look at what you have got in the storage and like that you won't forget about what you have got when you go shopping.

So that was my tips for a better easier wardrobe cleaning. and now i'll just leave you with the end results.

I have a box in the top to keep the scarves and hats i won't be waring this season.

In this section i only keep the make up that i use daily but i only keep these cause here and the rest of daily make up on my dresser table. nail polish,some jewellery and hair accessories that I'm planing to ware the next week.

I keep my hair tools that i use daily in this littile basket and what I'm planning to take to the beach next weekend in the back. a towel, bikini and a cover up.

Don't forget to add some air fresheners in to make you smile every time you open your closet.

Try to give your closet/wardrobe a spa day.

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