My Must have + do fall season list

Monday, 6 October 2014

It's here !! fall season one of my favorite seasons of the year is fall I love the weather cause it's just about right it's not too hot to rock your favorite boots and it's not too cold to wear shorts with a cozy sweater so put your long sleeves on, read a book under a tree, jump in the leafs, warp your hands around a hot mug, eat a caramel apple, be out doors and look at the beautiful colored trees, walk on the crunchy leafs, crave a pumpkin, get cozy and cuddle, wear a scarf, bake cookies and pies and be thankful.

It's crazy how a littile things like that can make the season so why not enjoy it ...
make a must have + do in fall list and live the fall season 
my fall must have + do list is ..

1. Take a picture of every thing on the list and Instagram it.

2. Order ice pumpkin spice latte and hot pumpkin spice latte when it gets cold .. take a picture and Instagram it.

3. Get a dark colour lipstick and nail polish 

4. Wear a high knees socks and get cozy with a hot coffee or tea 

5. Make apple caremle your go to snack 

6. Get a pumpkin scented candle 

7. Read a book under a tree with hot pumpkin spaice latte 

8. Eat or cook pies 

10. Jump in leafs

11. Crave a pumpkin 

12. Shop at bath and body works for everything with a pumpkin scent  

13. Wear boots!!!

14. Eat a lot of candy 

15. Buy a pumpkin 

What's your fall must do + make a list to let me know what you going to do or if there is anything I could do to make my fall even more cozy and awesome :) leave a comment of what you think of my list.

Hola Bonjour ciao and Hello

Friday, 18 July 2014

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog

I have been planning on writing my own blog for quite some time now,  i'm shahd, 20 yrs old, and i'm inetrested in fashion and styling as a self confessed shopaholic. I will share with you my favorite shops, brand, trends, and currant style.

But i will be sharing my other things as well like lifestyle and what gives every girl that little more sparkle, skincare and routines,
I will be showing you what i'm wearing to what i'm doing and generally to what i'm loving. i'm excited about getting this blog.

I really hope you like it!

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