Love tanya by tanya burr

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Hello everyone!! i hope you all having a nice day so far :)
today i wanted to talk about Love tanya the book 
the book that i always needed.

I usually don't do reviews on books on my blog but since i have a beauty blog 
i thought i really want to get you guys to read it 
in my eyes this book is what every girl would enjoy reading
it has Photography, good Writing, Top 10 lists, Tips and Hints on A bit of everything from life to beauty to cooking and the notes pages.

Everyone has heard of the YouTuber , beauty guru Tanya Burr, she's a beauty fashion and lifestyle vlogger. This is Her first book, Love, Tanya and is beautifully-designed lifestyle guide, featuring insights into Tanya's own passions and experiences, as well as top tips and hints on everything from beauty to baking.

I like to just grab this book with a pen and and my cup of tea, lighting up a candle
and enjoy this book.

now you asking why the pen?! tanya left us some note pages
after the chapters in the book so we can write some notes and tips after reading
the chapter.

This may be the another YouTuber releasing a book, but this is completely different to ‘Girl Online’ and ‘Pointless Book.’ For starters, it’s a non fiction book and covers so many topics that pretty much every girl can relate to. ‘Love, Tanya’ is like a handwritten guide from a beautiful big sister who has experienced the highs and lows of a teenage life and female problems and is now sharing her advice with us. How cute?
From growing up to love and from confidence to beauty tips, Tanya covers it all. Reading the book whether as simple as make up and skincare techniques to use right the way through to coping with anxiety, it’s like she’s our fairy Godmother!
There’s also a baking chapter which is so simple to follow, you can show off to your friends and family your cooking skills and conjure up some sweet treats to snack on while reading the other chapters.
The best bit is that Tan has left some pages to make notes of your own to keep alongside hers, so it’s like a project we are working on together.
This book is like a bible on all things typical teenage-none teenage girl and that’s exactly how we’ll treat it- well done, Tanya!


  1. I would buy it only for the baking chapter haha ;) xx

    1. haha i hope you get it, its really a fun book :) x

  2. Great review :) thanks for stopping by earlier! I'll definitely need to look into purchasing Tanya's book after this x

    1. Thanks!!! and it was fun chatting with you and reading your blog :)
      it's a fun book you will like it :) xx

  3. Such a great review! I've been tinkering about wether or not I should get, dismissing it over being just another 'YouTuber book', but I might have to give a read now :)

    Allie I RainyAllie

    1. Thanks lovly!! it's really not just another youtuber book for me i see it more like heart to to heart talk, sure give it a read i hope you will like it :) x

  4. I actually didn't care too much for this book when it released - Tanya used to be one of my favorite people to watch on Youtube but I kinda fell out of watching her. The book seems interesting though, it sounds so personal, kind of like she's the big loving sister you never had. Definitely changed my mind about her book, I'll have to look into getting it!

    becky ♡ star violet

  5. Wow, awesome review, makes me even more desperate to start reading it!!!! I have just discovered your blog and i'm really glad I have, because it's everything that I want to read, as well as being beautifully laid out. It's an inspiration to me, I only started a blog a couple of days ago, but I've found out I love blogging.

    Feel free to check it out if you want :)

  6. This looks like a really pretty book! I have picked it up a few times in waterstones to have a quick flick through! Great photos!

    Emma xx


  7. Really great review! I was thinking 'why does she need a pen?' n then after reading on it made sense haha! I've just bought this last week but really looking forward to reading it :)



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